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The Rolling Meadows II
About Us
The Rolling Meadows II Homes Association is located in eastern Kansas City, Missouri.  Rolling Meadows II includes 199 homes built around the area's established neighborhoods.  This website has been created to offer current and prospective homeowners information about the Association and serve as a resource for members seeking information about the association. 

The homes association is responsible for maintaining commonly owned property within the subdivision.  This includes maintenance of perimeter grounds, landscaping, maintenance of the neighborhood entry monument and fountain, and caring for several stormwater detention basins located throughout the neighborhood.

In addition to property maintenance responsibilities, the association also seeks to develop a "sense of community" in Rolling Meadows II where neighbors can get to know and support each other.  The Board of Directors hosts various community events throughout the year. 
Please take a few moments to review our website. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.